My journey to learning Kotlin - The planning

Kotlin is really a promising programming language nowadays and is gaining lots of popularity. It will be a shame to pass by without trying to use this language.

I’d never written about my experience when learning new language. This blog post is mostly used to encourage myself to try to learn as much as I can and hopefully, to apply my learning in real situation.

I’m a developer, but I mostly code in Java. So the purpose of this journey is to see what Kotlin can offer from Java from my own perspective and how I can apply it in my daily life.

The plan

  1. I’m planning to first learn the basics from the Kotlin EduTools plugin and Kotlin official documentation
  2. Then, I will try to create a simple TODO application using only Kotlin
  3. I will have to learn how to migrate a Java application into a Kotlin
  4. I will also learn to maintain and evolve a project containing both Java and Kotlin
  5. Finally, if I really like Kotlin (in favor of Java), I will try to advocate the programming language to my teammates