Nested directives

Sometimes, you need to have nested directives. For example, you need to display an array of an array of items. With two levels of nested arrays, it is easy to implement such thing. However, if you need to have a dynamical level of nested arrays, it is not as obvious as implementing two levels of nested arrays.

There are two ways (in my knowledge) to build nested directives.

  1. Using the directive ng-include and one custom directive
  2. Using two custom directives

How to exclude folders in Brackets

Brackets (Sprint 34) has a static list of excluded files and folders. The default ignored files and folders are files like .gitignore, DS_Store, and so on… Sadly, this list is hard coded in the source…

If you are like me, i.e. you use Yeoman when creating new web projects, you will be left with two huge folders (node_modules and bower_components generated respectively by NPM and bower). Those folders contains a lot of files (JS, CSS,…) and most of them are not useful for our project.