Using JSR303 Java bean validations is great! Using with hibernate validation annotations is also great as it provides default validations like @NotBlank.

However, the hibernate validation library also provides default validation messages, for several languages (which is great).

But if we only want to have english validation messages, it’s a bit tricky.

One way is to provide our own MessageSource and define our own properties files, thus having only one message properties file for only one locale.

  • Create a configuration file:
public class OneLocaleValidatorConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {
    public Validator getValidator() {
        LocalValidatorFactoryBean factory = new LocalValidatorFactoryBean();
        return factory;

    private MessageSource messageSource() {
        ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource messageSource = new ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource();
        // Set our own validation message property so we only have english version
        return messageSource;
  • Add only one validation messages in the /path/to/project/src/main/resources/validation/ with the content provided by the hibernate validation library:
javax.validation.constraints.AssertFalse.message = must be false
javax.validation.constraints.AssertTrue.message  = must be true
javax.validation.constraints.DecimalMax.message  = must be less than ${inclusive == true ? 'or equal to ' : ''}{value}
javax.validation.constraints.DecimalMin.message  = must be greater than ${inclusive == true ? 'or equal to ' : ''}{value}
javax.validation.constraints.Digits.message      = numeric value out of bounds (<{integer} digits>.<{fraction} digits> expected)
javax.validation.constraints.Future.message      = must be in the future
javax.validation.constraints.Max.message         = must be less than or equal to {value}
javax.validation.constraints.Min.message         = must be greater than or equal to {value}
javax.validation.constraints.NotNull.message     = may not be null
javax.validation.constraints.Null.message        = must be null
javax.validation.constraints.Past.message        = must be in the past
javax.validation.constraints.Pattern.message     = must match "{regexp}"
javax.validation.constraints.Size.message        = size must be between {min} and {max}

org.hibernate.validator.constraints.CreditCardNumber.message        = invalid credit card number
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.EAN.message                   = invalid {type} barcode
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.Email.message                   = not a well-formed email address
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.Length.message                  = length must be between {min} and {max}
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.LuhnCheck.message               = The check digit for ${validatedValue} is invalid, Luhn Modulo 10 checksum failed
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.Mod10Check.message              = The check digit for ${validatedValue} is invalid, Modulo 10 checksum failed
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.Mod11Check.message              = The check digit for ${validatedValue} is invalid, Modulo 11 checksum failed
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.ModCheck.message                = The check digit for ${validatedValue} is invalid, ${modType} checksum failed
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.NotBlank.message                = may not be empty
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.NotEmpty.message                = may not be empty
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.ParametersScriptAssert.message  = script expression "{script}" didn't evaluate to true
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.Range.message                   = must be between {min} and {max}
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.SafeHtml.message                = may have unsafe html content
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.ScriptAssert.message            = script expression "{script}" didn't evaluate to true
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.URL.message                     = must be a valid URL                 = invalid Brazilian corporate taxpayer registry number (CNPJ)                  = invalid Brazilian individual taxpayer registry number (CPF)      = invalid Brazilian Voter ID card number