How to extract folders with history with git

Sometimes at the end of life of a project, one of its sub-project will fly on its own and will have its own lifecycle.

Thus, you will need to extract the folder of the sub-project.

Will a simple copy/paste work? Not so fast, because we will lose the git history of the sub-project.

Git is an awesome tool which has a “magical” command.


Kotlin Basics: syntax

Kotlin is a great language but it’s more like a subset of Java.

In this article, I will deal with Kotlin basics and see what’s different with Java in terms of syntax, form and types.


How to set locale for java bean validations

Using JSR303 Java bean validations is great! Using with hibernate validation annotations is also great as it provides default validations like @NotBlank.

However, the hibernate validation library also provides default validation messages, for several languages (which is great).

But if we only want to have english validation messages, it’s a bit tricky.